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Open letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook, This story from The Atlantic reports that you have required (indeed, forced) the author Salman Rushdie to use the name Ahmed on his profile page rather than the name Salman just because it appears first on his passport. Is this for real? My parents, husband, friends, relatives, business  Read more »

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Slight shift in emphasis

I’ve had trouble keeping focus on this blog, which is why it’s been moribund for so many months, and yesterday I figured out what to do about it: figure out who the audience is, post regularly (hopefully 2-5 times a day), aim the posts at the audience, and notify that  Read more »

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Is-this-for-real? department

On noes! “The Golden Girls” made young men seek gratification from ”hairy men of different ethnicities.”

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Who cares what happens to Miss California?

Carrie Prejean, her opinions, and some rather prosaic seminude photographs have received entirely too much attention in the media. Look: she has an opinion on same-sex marriage, and she’s absolutely entitled to. She didn’t express that opinion too gracefully when it was solicited, but it wasn’t a beyond-the-pale hateful opinion.  Read more »

Celebration of Love and Marriage

The local paper has an article on what I’m sure is a charming Valentine’s Day event: A reminder to all the sweethearts across Kerr County, the New Hope Counseling Center will host a ‘Celebration of Love and Marriage,’ Saturday, Feb. 14, 7-9 p.m. at the Inn of the Hills Bluebonnet  Read more »

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OT: possible hallucination

Was I seeing things just now, or was one of the contestants on American Idol really identified as a font designer? [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

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Garage sale time

A glance at either of our desks, never mind the rest of the house, will tell you that Ron and I are clutter freaks. Each of us got that gene from our mothers, so the house was already bad enough. Unfortunately, my mom died in 2005 and Ron’s the following  Read more »

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Two other grooms, who used to be in Texas

UPDATE: White writes about his wedding here. Great post from Dave White about his upcoming wedding: I admit that I was somewhat thoughtless in that I had to be asked to sit next to him while he did it. He decided it was a nice moment of togetherness for us  Read more »

Just getting started

Shortly after the California Supreme Court handed down its decision and it was clear that the state would allow nonresident couples like us to marry, Ron and I decided that we would marry in California sometime this summer. We’re just beginning the process, and this blog is designed to document  Read more »