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New Jersey’s still a step or two ahead of Texas

Of course the legislative victories in favor of same-sex marriage in Washington, New Jersey, and Maryland are extremely encouraging. However, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has already vetoed his state’s legislation, stating his wish for a referendum on same-sex marriage. The voters of the state of Maryland may also have  Read more »

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On the average, American adults think 25 percent of Americans are gay

Well, this is amazing. Not to mention crazy: Towleroad cites a Gallup poll showing that “over half of Americans (52%) estimate that at least one in five Americans are gay or lesbian, including 35% who estimate that more than one in four are.” Really. It’s hard to get reliable data, but my  Read more »

Sad news: The Bronx is closing

The Bronx, for several years our default date restaurant and the place where, in 1995, we first exchanged rings, is closing. Last year, we went there to celebrate the anniversary of the day we met; the experience was comfortingly familiar. It’s possible the place, the service, and the food were a  Read more »

Muslim youth retreat in Hunt draws suspicion from some Christian conservatives here

Today’s Daily Times features a story (behind their paywall) about a local Christian group’s e-mail campaign against a retreat for Muslim youth to be held later this month at the Mo-Ranch camp/conference center in Hunt, which is an affiliate of the Synod of the Sun of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  Read more »

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Prop 8 appeal oral arguments heard

A panel of three judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit heard oral arguments yesterday in the appeal of a lower court’s ruling that California’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, resulting from the voter initiative Proposition 8, unfairly revoked constitutional equal-protection and due-process rights from gay  Read more »

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Tyler broadcasters apologize for gay-hostile programming

Yesterday Towleroad reported that KTBB radio in Tyler, Tex., broadcast a segment, simulcast by KETK, NBC’s Tyler affiliate, that asked, in so many words, if gays are “the downfall of America.” Today, they follow up, reporting that the management of KTBB has apologized for airing the segment and acknowledged that  Read more »

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Unwarranted conclusions in the news

The Daily Times recently published a column on Sarah Palin’s abrupt resignation from the governorship of Alaska, in which Rayanne Smith opined, “Palin brings a friendliness and willingness to serve that is seen in few politicians.” Uh, what?? To paraphrase Monty Python (I think), this is a usage of the  Read more »

Count the hidden assumptions

Apparently in response to recent coverage of the local PFLAG chapter comes this letter to the editor in the Daily Times: How can it be called a gay lifestyle? I hesitate in writing this for the sake of offend people that I care about. But when we find ourselves in  Read more »

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Baby steps

An editorial in the local newspaper deserves mention. Some of the phrasing is awkward, and the effort not to offend anybody is obvious. I’ve never known the Daily Times to say anything even mildly positive about gay people or suggest in any way that we deserve fair treatment and love,  Read more »

Bad news, good news

Prop 8 was upheld; but we’re still married. Let’s hope nothing ugly happens. Regrettably, that potential exists on both sides.