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So far, so good

Travel plans have been made, appointments confirmed, bags are starting to be packed, and I understand that appropriate clothing is in the works as well. Really, there’s not all that much that needs to be done, both by design and necessity. Even if we’d wanted a fancy, foofy wedding —  Read more »

Date is set

July 1, 2008, in Santa Ana, CA. Nothing magic about the date or place, it’s just convenient. We’ll be having some kind of large gathering later in the year, and we’re also in the process of picking our honeymoon spot. Stay tuned.

Setting a date

August 22 was unavailable, alas, but we’ve picked a date and are beginning our plans on that basis. I won’t disclose the date or location just yet…there are still a lot of people we want to tell personally. Nonetheless, I’m happy to say that plans are going forward, reservations made,  Read more »