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New Jersey’s still a step or two ahead of Texas

Of course the legislative victories in favor of same-sex marriage in Washington, New Jersey, and Maryland are extremely encouraging. However, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has already vetoed his state’s legislation, stating his wish for a referendum on same-sex marriage. The voters of the state of Maryland may also have  Read more »

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Prop 8 appeal oral arguments heard

A panel of three judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit heard oral arguments yesterday in the appeal of a lower court’s ruling that California’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, resulting from the voter initiative Proposition 8, unfairly revoked constitutional equal-protection and due-process rights from gay  Read more »

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Bad news, good news

Prop 8 was upheld; but we’re still married. Let’s hope nothing ugly happens. Regrettably, that potential exists on both sides.

Prop 8 ruling due any hour now

Of course I’m hoping that Prop 8 is struck down, and it’s hard for me to accept that any random group of nutjobs could revoke any civil right through popular initiatives. (Really: would a measure barring left-handers from public schools and revoking their diplomas, or restricting Mormons from land-ownership, withstand  Read more »

Prop 8 and California’s Court

Andrew Sullivan thinks Prop 8 should be upheld in the courts. As he says, the measure passed fair and square. I hate it when my principles get in the way of my outrage, indignation, and grief, but as outraged, indignant, and aggrieved as I am over Prop 8’s passage, I  Read more »

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What did our opponents expect?

The ever-escalading wave of protests has gone viral now; tomorrow at 1:30 pm EST (12:30 local) a nationwide protest, facilitated by Join the Impact is scheduled. This is a good thing. One thing the general public is just now seeing is that our battle for marriage is not abstractly about  Read more »

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More consequences and repercussions

Sullivan has an amazing post on the grief and outrage he feels with the passage of California’s Prop 8: But I realize I am not shattered. My own marriage exists and is real without the approval of others. One day soon, it will be accepted by a majority. And this  Read more »

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Prop 8 opponents sue to block measure

The San Francisco Chronicle reports: The lawsuit argued that Prop. 8 would change the California Constitution in such fundamental ways – taking important rights away from a minority group – that it amounted to a constitutional revision, which requires approval by the Legislature before being submitted to the voters. Sounds  Read more »

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Now what?

My wonderful cousin Kelly dropped me a note on Facebook today: Bill, I’m so sorry about Proposition 8. What will this mean for you and Ron? -Kelly I had to say that I don’t know, but that it would probably have to be settled in the courts. Seems like I  Read more »

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Gay marriages in Connecticut to begin Nov. 12

Good news from Connecticut: Same-sex couples in Connecticut will be able to marry as of November 12. On that date a hearing will take place to enter the final judgment on the Connecticut Supreme Court’s ruling last month that same-sex couples may marry rather than settle for a civil union.  Read more »

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