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If I believe X, must I believe Y?

In a long post on Slacktivist, Fred Clark objects to irrelevant litmus tests on faith: Yet the fact remains that Jim Wallis’ position on both abortion and homosexuality is such that he has remained in good standing as a mostly accepted member of the American evangelical community. His views on poverty,  Read more »

Why conservatives fear gay marriage

Salon now regularly features opinion pieces by the pseudonymous “Glenallen Walken,” described by the editors as “a real live conservative and former Bush official who chooses to remain anonymous.” The desire for anonymity may be understandable, since the column’s title is “Ask a Wingnut.” Walken’s most recent piece tackles marriage  Read more »

New York Governor Calls for Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

This morning, Governor David Paterson of New York called for that state’s legislature to enact legislation authorizing same-sex marriage. The NYTimes reports: Comparing the status of gay men and lesbians with that of blacks, Jews, women, disabled people and other groups who were historically excluded from full political and social  Read more »

Prop 8 and California’s Court

Andrew Sullivan thinks Prop 8 should be upheld in the courts. As he says, the measure passed fair and square. I hate it when my principles get in the way of my outrage, indignation, and grief, but as outraged, indignant, and aggrieved as I am over Prop 8’s passage, I  Read more »

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What did our opponents expect?

The ever-escalading wave of protests has gone viral now; tomorrow at 1:30 pm EST (12:30 local) a nationwide protest, facilitated by Join the Impact is scheduled. This is a good thing. One thing the general public is just now seeing is that our battle for marriage is not abstractly about  Read more »

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More consequences and repercussions

Sullivan has an amazing post on the grief and outrage he feels with the passage of California’s Prop 8: But I realize I am not shattered. My own marriage exists and is real without the approval of others. One day soon, it will be accepted by a majority. And this  Read more »

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Prop 8 opponents sue to block measure

The San Francisco Chronicle reports: The lawsuit argued that Prop. 8 would change the California Constitution in such fundamental ways – taking important rights away from a minority group – that it amounted to a constitutional revision, which requires approval by the Legislature before being submitted to the voters. Sounds  Read more »

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Now what?

My wonderful cousin Kelly dropped me a note on Facebook today: Bill, I’m so sorry about Proposition 8. What will this mean for you and Ron? -Kelly I had to say that I don’t know, but that it would probably have to be settled in the courts. Seems like I  Read more »

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Props 8, 102, 2 are approved. Shoot.

It’s not official on Prop 8 yet, but in spite of what the exit polls indicate it’s not looking good.

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Vote NO on Proposition 2

If you live in Florida, vote No on Proposition 2. As with Arizona’s Proposition 102, this proposition would establish a constitutional barrier to same-sex marriage in addition to the long-standing statutory prohibition against it. Amendments to Florida’s constitution must pass by a 60% margin.

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