Is your marriage recognized in the state of Texas?

We like to think our friends will recognize our marriage no matter where they, or we, are.

Oh. You mean ”officially recognized.” By legislation and later by constitutional amendment, the state of Texas recognizes only marriages between a man and a woman. Presumably the constitution would have to be re-amended and the legislation repealed for that to change. While we remain hopeful, we aren’t exactly holding our breath waiting.

You’re doing this for the attention, right?

Oh, we knew you’d be so happy for us!

This is for us. Terms like partner, boyfriend, other half, and lover don’t exactly imply permanence. We’ve known we were in this for the long haul since 1994. Fourteen years is a long engagement; it’s nice to have a husband.

What’s the worst response you’ve gotten?

Nothing bad so far. We’re careful not to tell just anybody, though.

Which of you is from Mars and which of you is from Venus?

You be the judge. Bill likes warm weather, and Ron’s more comfortable when it’s chilly. Ron’s a morning person; Bill isn’t. At all. Bill’s quiet and Ron’s loquacious. Ron watches TV; Bill surfs the web.

On the other hand, neither of us is athletic (somehow our dads didn’t pass the golf gene on to us), and we both cook.

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