Open letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook,

This story from The Atlantic reports that you have required (indeed, forced) the author Salman Rushdie to use the name Ahmed on his profile page rather than the name Salman just because it appears first on his passport.

Is this for real?

My parents, husband, friends, relatives, business associates, and everyone else who knows me even slightly have never called me anything but Bill; I give out my first name only as a concession to bureaucracy.

I hope you won’t be propagating this first-name-only rule, if it’s a real thing and not a stupid error on the part of your internal name police, because such a rule would only confuse many millions of friends of millions of Facebook users around the world whose parents, long ago, chose to call their children by their middle names for aesthetic or other reasons, which are, in any case, none of your damn business.


Bill Detty

November 14, 2011Permalink 1 Comment
One Response to Open letter to Facebook
  1. Hm, they never bothered me on that point.

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