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California Proposition 8 reworded; proponents cry foul

California attorney general Jerry Brown has altered the wording of the November ballot initiative Proposition 8, which would amend the state’s constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage. Original wording: [Prop 8] Amends the California Constitution to provide that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in  Read more »

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Massachusetts House approves repeal of 1913 marriage statute

Towleroad and everybody else is reporting that the Massachusetts House has voted to repeal a law enacted in 1913 that prohibits out-of-state couples from marrying in Massachusetts if the marriage would be invalid in their home state. The state senate approved the repeal two weeks ago and Massachusetts Governor Deval  Read more »

We’re official!

Just got our certificate in today’s mail. Yes, I did obscure a few details. No point in making things too easy for identity thieves.

California earthquake

Ron just called me in from the other room. He was on the phone with a colleague who works in Ontario, California, and in the middle of a sentence she suddenly exclaimed, “Oh my god, Ron, oh @#$%!” and dropped the phone. Ron then heard what sounded like things falling  Read more »

Day 2, Part 2: Dana Point, California

After the ceremony, Ron and I drove from the courthouse in Santa Ana to the resort we were staying at in Dana Point, just down the road from Laguna Beach. Our room had a bay window overlooking the ocean. After we got settled, we decided to wander around a bit,  Read more »

Massachusetts gets rid of an antiquated law

Via the NY Times, great news from Massachusetts: Massachusetts may have been the first state to legalize same-sex marriage for its residents, but when California last month invited out-of-state gay and lesbian couples to get married, the potential economic benefits did not go unnoticed here. Now Massachusetts wants to extend  Read more »

Prosecution for married couples?

Wisconsin has a law, going back to 1915, that’s meant to keep underage couples from marrying in another state, but its provisions might apply to same-sex marriages contracted in California. The Madison, Wis., Capital Times reports: Wisconsin is a state that imposes criminal penalties on residents if they enter a  Read more »

Ron’s announcement

Ron sent this e-mail to family and friends last week: Hi everybody, As most of you already know, Bill and I got married in Santa Ana, CA on July 1. I had to be in Anaheim the last week of June for the American Library Association Annual Conference and it  Read more »

Day 2: The Big Day is upon us

Our day started with a large breakfast, served by a nice but possibly too loquacious waitress who thought it was totally cool that we’d come all the way to California to get married, then loaded up and headed for the courthouse in Santa Ana. Google directions can be a bit  Read more »

Day 1: Bill goes to California

Very soon after I posted my last post, I locked the doors, made sure we still had three cats, loaded suitcases into the car, and drove to the San Antonio airport. Ron’s the airport expert, but he’s taught me well, I think — I parked no farther from the terminal  Read more »