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Tomorrow’s the day

I’ve got the bags all packed, the cat-sitter’s confirmed to come in while we’re gone, and the last few naggling little household chores have been done. Travel arrangements have been confirmed, boarding passes printed out, transaction numbers recorded, and maps and directions obtained. I’ve been stressing, but all the little  Read more »

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AZ Senate puts gay marriage proposal on ballot

I spoke too soon. After the measure was first defeated, Arizona’s state senate has approved the anti–same-sex-marriage amendment. From the Arizona Republic: In the final hours of one of the longest state legislative sessions on record, state Senators approved a measure sending a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage to the  Read more »

So far, so good

Travel plans have been made, appointments confirmed, bags are starting to be packed, and I understand that appropriate clothing is in the works as well. Really, there’s not all that much that needs to be done, both by design and necessity. Even if we’d wanted a fancy, foofy wedding —  Read more »

Ban on same-sex marriage fails in Arizona Senate

Ron and I lived in Arizona for six years and we still have lots of friends there, so I was glad to read this on The Arizona Senate has rejected a proposal that would have asked voters to amend the state constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage. The 14-11 vote  Read more »

Marriage shouldn’t be government’s concern? Really?

Here’s a semi-bizarre, though favorable, editorial on marriage equality in the Orange County Register: Our preference would be for the government not to be involved in marriage, the most fundamental of institutions in a civil society. Why two people who want to be married should be required to get a  Read more »

Happy 75th, Clarabelle and Ross

We’re big fans of long marriages — Bill’s parents were married for almost 53 years and Ron’s for just under 50 — so we’re happy to see this story in the Daily Times about Ross and Clarabelle Snodgrass, who are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary on July 1. Clarabelle recounts  Read more »

Date is set

July 1, 2008, in Santa Ana, CA. Nothing magic about the date or place, it’s just convenient. We’ll be having some kind of large gathering later in the year, and we’re also in the process of picking our honeymoon spot. Stay tuned.

Two other grooms, who used to be in Texas

UPDATE: White writes about his wedding here. Great post from Dave White about his upcoming wedding: I admit that I was somewhat thoughtless in that I had to be asked to sit next to him while he did it. He decided it was a nice moment of togetherness for us  Read more »

Setting a date

August 22 was unavailable, alas, but we’ve picked a date and are beginning our plans on that basis. I won’t disclose the date or location just yet…there are still a lot of people we want to tell personally. Nonetheless, I’m happy to say that plans are going forward, reservations made,  Read more »

Today’s the day in California

Towleroad link roundup here, starting with this symbolically important item: “At 5:01pm today, history will be made as gay and lesbian couples begin marrying in California, led symbolically by the marriage of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, the couple of 50 years who were first married in San Francisco City  Read more »