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Tyler broadcasters apologize for gay-hostile programming

Yesterday Towleroad reported that KTBB radio in Tyler, Tex., broadcast a segment, simulcast by KETK, NBC’s Tyler affiliate, that asked, in so many words, if gays are “the downfall of America.” Today, they follow up, reporting that the management of KTBB has apologized for airing the segment and acknowledged that  Read more »

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A romantic message in sign language

A delightful video of a young men sending his love to his boyfriend, possibly NSFW due to explicit sign language. (Via Towleroad.) (Linked because for some reason it doesn’t want to embed. Template trouble or something.)

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Slight shift in emphasis

I’ve had trouble keeping focus on this blog, which is why it’s been moribund for so many months, and yesterday I figured out what to do about it: figure out who the audience is, post regularly (hopefully 2-5 times a day), aim the posts at the audience, and notify that  Read more »

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