Monthly Archives: May 2009

Bad news, good news

Prop 8 was upheld; but we’re still married. Let’s hope nothing ugly happens. Regrettably, that potential exists on both sides.

Prop 8 ruling due any hour now

Of course I’m hoping that Prop 8 is struck down, and it’s hard for me to accept that any random group of nutjobs could revoke any civil right through popular initiatives. (Really: would a measure barring left-handers from public schools and revoking their diplomas, or restricting Mormons from land-ownership, withstand  Read more »

Turtles again. Jeez.

Goodness. What does one make of this exchange, between Bill O’Reilly and Margaret Hoover, via Media Matters for America: O’REILLY: Hoover, you would let everybody get married who want to get married. You want to marry a turtle, you can. HOOVER: Due process. I want to abide by the law.  Read more »

Who cares what happens to Miss California?

Carrie Prejean, her opinions, and some rather prosaic seminude photographs have received entirely too much attention in the media. Look: she has an opinion on same-sex marriage, and she’s absolutely entitled to. She didn’t express that opinion too gracefully when it was solicited, but it wasn’t a beyond-the-pale hateful opinion.  Read more »