Tyler broadcasters apologize for gay-hostile programming

Yesterday Towleroad reported that KTBB radio in Tyler, Tex., broadcast a segment, simulcast by KETK, NBC’s Tyler affiliate, that asked, in so many words, if gays are “the downfall of America.”

Today, they follow up, reporting that the management of KTBB has apologized for airing the segment and acknowledged that the question was “likely to generate more heat than light.” Towleroad also reports that KETK’s general manager is considering an on-air apology, and that the station may rethink its repackaging of material originated by KTBB.

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A romantic message in sign language

A delightful video of a young men sending his love to his boyfriend, possibly NSFW due to explicit sign language. (Via Towleroad.)

(Linked because for some reason it doesn’t want to embed. Template trouble or something.)

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Slight shift in emphasis

I’ve had trouble keeping focus on this blog, which is why it’s been moribund for so many months, and yesterday I figured out what to do about it: figure out who the audience is, post regularly (hopefully 2-5 times a day), aim the posts at the audience, and notify that audience (or at least certain members of it) when I post.

Also, from this time forward, Ron’s going to be posting, although I don’t really think he’s going to do much until he gets his computer.

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Is-this-for-real? department

On noes! “The Golden Girls” made young men seek gratification from ”hairy men of different ethnicities.”

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Okay, some folks don’t get drag. I get that. But…

I didn’t mind it so much that Piers Morgan didn’t really comprehend the drag act called Diva League tonight on “America’s Got Talent,” but what was that crack he made along the line of “It’s not exactly Barack Obama, is it?” Given the number of people of color in the group, that sounded uncomfortably close to racism. I trust and hope that wasn’t the intent.

Unwarranted conclusions in the news

The Daily Times recently published a column on Sarah Palin’s abrupt resignation from the governorship of Alaska, in which Rayanne Smith opined, “Palin brings a friendliness and willingness to serve that is seen in few politicians.”

Uh, what?? To paraphrase Monty Python (I think), this is a usage of the term “willingness to serve” I’ve not previously encountered.

And just now I heard a local newscaster introduce a story on the thousands of laptops that are lost or stolen in airports every week: “If you want to hang on to your laptop, you might want to keep it out of airports.” Helpful advice, I’m sure.

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Count the hidden assumptions

Apparently in response to recent coverage of the local PFLAG chapter comes this letter to the editor in the Daily Times:

How can it be called a gay lifestyle?

I hesitate in writing this for the sake of offend people that I care about. But when we find ourselves in a culture war that we did not ask for it must be fought. One of those fronts is our language. When people choose to lead a difficult lifestyle I don’t see any way it can be seriously referred to as a gay lifestyle.  It is obviously a sad lifestyle, not a gay one.  How many drug users are referred to as “smart”?

Hopefully our News Media will start using proper English some day.

Dan Hobson

If Mr. Hobson can quibble over the use of the word gay, may I in turn question the use of the word lifestyle? Any number of intentionally chosen elements of my life might also imply a lifestyle; living in a small town, for instance, or cat ownership.

The “sad” thing, of course, is a fairly common cheap shot, and born of ignorance. Ron and I are quite happy, and I trust that Mr. Hobson is too.

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Baby steps

An editorial in the local newspaper deserves mention. Some of the phrasing is awkward, and the effort not to offend anybody is obvious.

I’ve never known the Daily Times to say anything even mildly positive about gay people or suggest in any way that we deserve fair treatment and love, this is a step forward. A baby step, true. But babies learn to walk fast. I’m hopeful.

PFLAG group welcomed, deserves tolerance

Times Editorial Board
The Daily Times
Published June 4, 2009

Those who are related to or friends with someone who is homosexual can see firsthand the difficult road the person travels and the obstacles and insults along the way.

It might not be easy to understand the lifestyle differences or know how to help this person deal with the problems they face.

Yet a new local group is offering just that. The Kerr County Chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays is giving support and an outlet to the loved ones of homosexuals.

While some gays at first raised their eyebrows that such a group might be able to start in Kerrville without heavy opposition, it has been met with a comforting tolerance in our conservative community.

It is possible to disagree with or not share a lifestyle choice but still have love, compassion and empathy for those whose way of life is not as widely accepted.

The Rev. Alan Conley and licensed marriage counselor Jan Lundy offer the community a great service with the PFLAG chapter. It is our hope that community tolerance and support of this group and the homosexuals of our community continues.

Bad news, good news

Prop 8 was upheld; but we’re still married.

Let’s hope nothing ugly happens. Regrettably, that potential exists on both sides.

Prop 8 ruling due any hour now

Of course I’m hoping that Prop 8 is struck down, and it’s hard for me to accept that any random group of nutjobs could revoke any civil right through popular initiatives. (Really: would a measure barring left-handers from public schools and revoking their diplomas, or restricting Mormons from land-ownership, withstand court scrutiny?)

On the other hand: let’s suppose the court does uphold Prop 8. Won’t that be a glorious November day when Prop 8 is struck down by popular initiative?